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Who Are We?

The [A1] Gaming Community is a multi-national centre built around providing a positive gaming environment that prioritises a stress free social atmosphere. Coming up to its one year anniversary, the community is striding towards reaching 500 members and we welcome anyone to join. Providing our own servers for a range of games, we want to give a quality experience for our members and look forward to ensuring all can enjoy being part of the community.

Active Community

With many active members, there is always something going on in our community. From joining a server and having fellow members online to group efforts on game bosses, we aim to involve everyone that wants to partake. By being so active in several games, anyone that grows tired of one game can always move to another and still have friends to play with.

No Hard Commitment

We believe that gaming should be a form of stress relief and enjoyment. Many of us have busy lives and can't game everyday or we lose interest in gaming for a period of time. At [A1] we understand this, and every member is welcome to join and participate whenever they please, with no hard commitment or expectations.

Anti Stress. Anti Drama.

This is what we strive to bring you as a member of [A1]. One of our main goals is to provide a place you feel welcome and comfortable, with people you actually enjoy talking to and playing with. We are constantly growing and expanding, but we never want anyone to feel left out or that they are less important than anyone else. Never be afraid to talk up or join in any situation.


Ark Servers

We have a variety of servers to offer something for everyone no matter their playstyle, map or mod preference.

Our Servers

We own and run multiple servers, often with both PvE and PvP versions, all supported by our community donations and Patreon.

Our Rules

While we want to be a friendly and welcoming community, we have zero tolerance for unfair play or offensive members. All members adhere to no use of hacks, cheats, glitches and keeping a pleasant attitude to others.

Your Life

Life comes first, and all members play when it's convenient for them, not for us. We are here to help your gaming experience, not hinder it.

AURELIA - Ragnarok

SANCTUM - The Island

DEADLANDS - Scorched Earth

APOCRYPHA - Aberration

DWARKA - The Center


DIS - Extinction


The Team

At [A1], to give you the best environment and community possible, we have several players in leadership roles giving their time to make yours better. We want to be as fair, as honest and as open as possible, even displaying our budget reports so you know as a member where our donation money is going.


Steel, the admin, the boss, the creator and the OG member. The community is possible due to Steel's dedication to [A1]. If you see him on one of our PVP servers, be sure to try and get him!

"Rules are for lawyers" - Steel 2018


The moderators are here to ensure the discord and the community are all running smoothly. Got a problem? Server down? The moderators will be there to get things going again.


The community managers are the ones who dedicate their time just for you. If you have any questions, need help getting started or don't understand a particular mod on a server, then the community managers will be able to help you out and guide you.


Community Links

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